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Nairobi Arusha Shuttles

Nairobi-Arusha, Nairobi - Moshi Shuttle Bus Service

Going to Tanzania on safari, mount kilimanjaro climbing or simply on personal business? Do not be troubled. We shall arrange your travel, book and reserve a seat/s on your behalf with flexible return dates on  the following routes: - Nairobi - Arusha, Nairobi - Arusha - Moshi, Nairobi - Arusha - Moshi - Kilimanjaro Shuttle, Nairobi -Namanga- Arusha - Moshi -Marangu Kilimanjaro.

There are two ways to convey you to your destination:

Public Shuttle

A number of companies ply the Nairobi, Arusha, Moshi and Kilimanjaro route from Nairobi. This is NOT the national public service transport network, but an exclusive service provider to offer affordable cross-border transfers. The service is cheap, regular and reliable.

Private Shuttle

We use our own vehicle/s to transport you or your group from Nairobi to Namanga Border. Our safari representatives from Tanzania wait for you to clear with Immigration Offices and commit you to a private vehicle under our auspices. This manouver makes the service affordable to our clients because none of the vehicles used are surcharged on cross-border insurance covers, multiple entry charges or otherwise.

The quality of vehicles used for this exercise are excellent, comfortable in addition to the touch of a careful driver with professional tour / safari guiding experience. In a private transfer, you have greater control of your travel schedule and can be considered for important stops.

Arusha, Moshi Shuttle FAQs

Due the large number of questions asked by visitors to this site concerning shuttle bookings, we have attempted to collate most of these and respond to them accordingly so that our clients are well informed at the time of booking.

What kind of vehicles are used in public arusha-moshi transfers?
Normally, there are comfortable 22-25 seaters that are air-conditioned. 

Where is the Shuttle Terminus?
Park Side Hotel at the heart of Nairobi City.

Shall I pay to get the terminus or is the cost included?
The cost of transfer from your hotel is not included unless its within the city or near the city. These shuttles arrange to pick up travellers from respective hotels within or near the city without extra cost.

Can I be picked from or dropped off the Airport at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport?
Yes, and at no extra cost.

Can I be dropped off at my hotel in Arusha or Moshi?
You can be dropped at your hotel in Arusha and Moshi, but an extra cost may apply if your hotel is far from the city center.

My flight arrives after the last shuttle, How can I get to Tanzania?
A private shuttle can be arranged to Arusha, see below (Cross-Border Private Transfers)

Are there toilets in the shuttle?

Any stops for snacks or otherwise?
Yes. There are designated stops to snack

My return dates are inflexible, what should I do?
No problem. Once the return ticket is paid, there will be no problem with a change of date for return. The most important thing is to inform us about these changes in due time.

Cross-Border Travel Info / Visa Requirements

Must have a Tanzania visa to cross the border at Namanga. If no prior arrangements have been made, visas may be paid for at the Immigration office although this tends to be a time-consuming exercise if majority of passengers do not have them. Expect customs inspections at the border offices

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